Dec 30

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Dec 18

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Nov 21

I hate Sundays.

there is absolutely nothing to do, fuck my life. someone fix this

Nov 18

This has been on my mind for awhile.

I really want to meet new people, and reconnect with old friends. I’m tired of the same thing everyday, I want something exciting, and I would love to hangout with different people or the ones I’ve drifted from. I’ve realized for awhile now how strong the word hate is, and I honestly don’t hate anyone, I just want to enjoy life with everyone, I wish more people thought like that, because I’m shy at first and I think I’m annoying a lot when I talk to people first..hmmm.

Nov 17

yeeahhjordan said: i hope you enjoy it. <333 SLEEPOVER THIS WEEKEND.


Day 7- A picture of your pet

Harry :D I love him, he’s not like any other kitty I’ve seen, he’s huge, like¬†a dog, and he looks like a lion. He gives me hugs too <3

yeeahhjordan said: omfg. i love you. <33 and i'm beyond happy that you made a tumblr! now i get to blow up your dashboard with posts!


Day 6- Songs you listen to when you’re Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Happy- Right Above It, Just The Way You Are, Bill Gates.

Sad- Like We Used To, Not A Second To Waste.

Bored- Anything by Gucci Mane.

Hyped- No Hands, All White Everything, Go Head, Choppa n The Paint.

Mad- Smoke n Drive, 911 Emergency, 4 My Town Remix.

Day 5- A picture of something that makes you happy

A kiss.

Day 4- A picture of yourself

I love my belly button ring, surprisingly it didn’t even hurt getting it done. I went with Bana & my mom in pontiac to get it done, and I swear the guy who did it was high as shit. Ahah.

Day 3 - A picture of you and your friends


Austin, Haley, & Melody.

I miss summer nights, the party lasted all day & night, worry free.

Day 2 — Your Crush

Austin bear :) 6.6.10

Can’t even explain the impact you’ve had on my life.